The Philosophy


     ♦     The Vedic Knowledge received through an authoritative line of spiritual teachers is the perfect transcendental knowledge.


     ♦     The Supreme Lord Sri Hari is the Supreme Truth.


     ♦     He possesses innumerable potencies.


     ♦     He is the nectarine ocean of all rasas, the transcendental mellows.


     ♦     Living entities, souls(jivas) are His fragmental portions.


     ♦     Certain entities are captivated by Maya, the illusory potency of Sri Hari and Some of them eternally stay free from it.


     ♦     All potencies, viz. Spiritual, Marginal and Material are inconceivably simultaneously one with and different from Sri Hari.


     ♦     Pure unalloyed devotional service is the only process.


     ♦     Unalloyed spontaneous affection for Sri Hari is the ultimate objective to be accomplished.




The Objectives



     ♦     To spread spiritual awareness all over the world.


     ♦     To make people realise the futility of mere material advancement devoid of God consciousness.


     ♦     To impress upon the people's minds, the usefulness of stratification (Daiva Varnashrama system) of human society

            according to the Vedic system aimed at ultimate spiritual perfection.


     ♦     To assist the ignorant suffering masses to understand the actual goal of human life, i.e. to re-establish the lost relationship

            with God.


     ♦     To propagate, preach and promote the only means of deliverance - the chanting of the Holy Names of God - Sri Krishna.